Beach Bum

It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve blogged. Sorry friends. It’s been a busy past few weeks, but also relaxing.

After celebrating Memorial Day with good friends and food at the lake and a little bingo, I packed up for a 10 day beach trip.


20130610-100208.jpgI was so incredibly close to the grand prize of $70 in the blackout round.

The first part of the trip was to celebrate Katelin and her upcoming wedding. We spent Wednesday-Saturday soaking up every ounce of sun we could. We also ate incredibly well and shopped a ton.

20130610-100649.jpg Our first stop in Gulf Shores was Bahama Bob’s. And it never disappoints.

20130610-100931.jpg Then, the best maid of honor ever took us to get our nails done. My toes were hot pink, Poptastic by Color Club. My fingers were Don’t Be A Budapest by OPI.

20130610-100939.jpg She even had goody boxes for everyone.

20130610-101001.jpg Dinner at The Hangout. Thanks for the good time, Ben.

We even got to see an America-themed light show at The Wharf. Does it really get any better than that?


While the girls packed up to come home, I switched condos. I stayed for an additional week with the Irvin clan. I’ve been part of their annual beach trips for six years now (except for one summer when I lived in Kansas City).

I got to come up during the hottest part of the day and snuggle with this sweet girl during her naps.


20130610-121500.jpgShe strutted all over the beach in her bathing suits.

This year provided a lot of entertainment thanks to the chairs next to ours. The Southeastern Conference was well represented. We made friends with Mississippi State and Missouri friends, and other Crimson Tiders as well.

Corn hole was brought out, and it got serious. Daily tournaments were played, the National Anthem was a requirement in the final round. There was a lot of good cornin’ happening.


The summer of ’13 has started off fantastically, even if I am a little burnt from 10 days of sun. Here’s to the continuation of an enjoyable summer for all. (And the hope that I don’t wait two and a half weeks to blog again!)

20130610-121600.jpg A happy jelly fish someone created from all the washed up seaweed.



Let The Madness Begin

We are just a few hours away from nonstop basketball, ie. March Madness. I understand that there were two play in games last night and two more tonight, but I refuse to call those “Round 1.”

My bracket for the Southeastern Conference tournament got hammered, so hopefully I’ll be a little more accurate in this tournament.

Last year was basically a debacle for my bracket. If I remember correctly I had only one Final Four team correct, and my Elite Eight was even worse. So this is my comeback year.

I’ve got multiple brackets for multiple pools, but somehow my championship game remained the same in all of them.

I’m big on the Cards this year. But, for there to have been so much turmoil on who the No. 1 seeds were going to be, I feel the four (Louisville, Gonzaga, Kansas and Indiana) are a pretty strong bunch. They’ve not as dominant as Kentucky was last year, but I think they can hold their own.

Regardless, anything can happen, and I’m kind of hoping it does. (Not for my bracket’s sake though. That would be a disaster.)

So happy tourney time to you guys! And may the upsets be ever in your favor.

photo-1My printable bracket. As convenient as online brackets are, there’s nothing like keeping up with one in your hands.