Chilly May

This past week and weekend was incredibly busy for me. But not without some fun. A group of friends went to see “Iron Man 3.” And as someone who has seen neither of the first two Iron Mans, I was surprised by the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to watching the two precious ones.

The weather has taken a turn here, with it being a balmy chilly May. We’ve been holding near the 50s lately and it’s extremely unpleasant for someone (me) who is expecting it to be in the 80s.

Here’s to the hope for warmer weather this week!

After my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day present arrived we just couldn’t wait to give it to her. Unfortunately, her Scentsy is only making us hungry thanks to the French toast scent wafting through our house.

20130506-133719.jpg The Tuscaloosa News prints its paper in its building. It’s an enchanting thing to watch it print.

20130506-134049.jpg Cooper finds enjoyment in any box. Even if it happens to be too small.

20130506-134303.jpg As an end-of-the-semester treat, I took Brett to the batting cages. While he worked with the fast balls I pretended to be back in church league softball.

20130506-134818.jpg Just some picture evidence from this weather. It’s out of control.