Here, there and everywhere: New York

In the past couple weeks Brett and I have been all over the state of New York.

We traveled to Rochester in the eastern part of the state to visit our Tuscaloosa friend Thad. Thad has always been a big star in our circle of friends, but now more and more people are being let in on this. Thad is finishing up a run of the play “I and You” at the Geva Theatre. He was absolutely fabulous in it. I cried twice. There’s a big twist at the end that I won’t give away in case any of you ever see the play elsewhere. Just know, it’s something.

We got to spend the whole afternoon walking around downtown Rochester visiting with Thad. While I’ve been happy and in marital bliss since we moved up here, there was a special happiness that energized me by being with a great friend. I can’t speak for Brett, but I do think he’d agree.


Loved getting to see Thad, but leaving was sad for everyone.

On our way home we made a pitstop at Syracuse’s campus. It is absolutely beautiful. Of course, it’s probably covered in snow the majority of the school year. We when passed through Syracuse headed to Rochester we saw a sign saying Syracuse averages 112 inches of snow each year. Despite surviving a very rough partial winter in Glens Falls, Brett and I still managed to share an incredulous look. Maybe that’s a case of “You may leave the South, but the South never leaves you.”


A Syracuse athletic department employee was nice enough to give us a small tour of the Carrier Dome. While it doesn’t compare to Bryant-Denny, it blows Coleman Coliseum away. Thirty-five thousand people in an enclosed arena for a basketball game, with 50,000-something for football.


Not only is the stadium enclosed, but we learned a cool fact about the roof. It’s like a balloon. It’s held up by fans running throughout the building. When games are over, Syracuse has to open extra doors and turn on more fans to compensate for the mass exodus of people. If they don’t, the roof collapses. Our impromptu tour guide informed us when people exit the stadium they are basically pushed out from all the air.


The stadium was prepping for a recruiting event, allowing potential students the opportunity to spend the night in the dome.

While at Syracuse we ate at Funk ‘N Waffles. The restaurant is located in a basement on Syracuse’s campus and is home to an eclectic feel. It’s been featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives,” which is how we found out about it.


During the week live entertainment is available at night. But on the Sunday afternoon we were there it was packed with college kids enjoying a late lunch before what I can only imagine to be an evening filled with homework. I enjoyed a chocolate chip waffle with chocolate syrup while Brett enjoyed a waffle that had bacon included in the batter and eggs and cheese on top. We shared a brownie batter waffle as well and all items were ingested in a literal 10 minutes.


We arrived back home exhausted Sunday night, but thankfully I had the week off (Spring Break, finally) and Brett got most of Monday to recoup.

After a calm, stress-free week, Brett and I began to toy with the idea of a trip to NYC. I really wanted to go on Easter weekend because my MLB-team, the Braves, were in town facing the Mets. Thanks to our wonderful cousin Marilyn, we were able to make a last minute trip to the city on Easter.

With no family to spend Easter with, getting to spend it in NYC was wonderful. It was my first time to be in NYC and I am ever-changed from just mere hours in the city.


NYC had a city-wide Easter-theme. How could I pass up a picture with the M&M Easter bunny?


I was taken by all the advertising and hustle and bustle of the city. Since it was Easter it was a little slower around town and we really got to enjoy the city. We made a quick trip through the theater district and checked out Times Square, Radio City and the Rockefeller Center before we made our way to Citi Field.



The stadium was awesome. Very new with great food options. The only downside is a good many of their seats have tough views. From two different areas we weren’t able to see the corner of left field, but it still worked out.





We left the game a little early to make sure we got back into the city and our bus stop to get home, which worked out since the Braves lost in extras. We took the subway from Grand Central, which might have been my favorite part.

I loved seeing the historic train station and my mind was taken back to it’s glory days. I don’t know what, but I was just very moved by the whole thought.

It was a whirlwind trip that left me and Brett more exhausted than the last trip. But after a good night’s sleep I’m ready to go back. I see what everyone means when they say the city gets in your blood.

We’ve already planned a trip back during the summer to see Brett’s MLB team, the A’s, play, and also to be a bit more touristy for my sake.

After arriving home Brett declared no more trips for a while. So here we are, back in Glens Falls. There’s no more snow on the ground, but we are ready for sunny and warm weather to return.

Until next time!



Back from the break

After a wonderful, relaxing spring break, I’m back! It was the best week. I spent the majority of it in Gulf Shores, Ala. Although it was too cold to go to the beach for most of the week, it was a pleasant getaway from Tuscaloosa. Brett is from Gulf Shores, so we spent the week at his home visiting with his parents and some friends who were also down for the break.

I spent the weekend with friends and family, making the most of the last few days. We celebrated our favorite meteorologist’s birthday Saturday night and spent Easter with my extended family. (Both of those activities involved me eating way more than I should have.)

While the week was perfect, I’m happy to be back and ready to get into a routine. Happy Monday, everybody!



The temperature never affects the magnificence of the beach.


We spent an afternoon at The Little Zoo That Could. The different big cats they had were great.


The Spanish Moss trees line Government Street in Mobile, Alabama makes for one of the most scenic drives.


The go-karts are a must on every beach trip. I’m quite the champion.



Fried mushrooms from Bahama Bob’s. They’re a weakness.

Nail Polish and the Roundball

The first second round of March Madness is marked to be one of the most exciting days in sports. And yesterday lived up to that.

Between the last-second misses by St. Mary’s, the crazy comeback by Marquette, and the almost, but wasn’t from Southern University, it was a fun day.

My bracket didn’t necessarily bust, it actually held up better yesterday than it is currently fairing today. The one I showed y’all is currently doing a little bit better than the electronic one I filled out for a pool on ESPN. (The one that really counts. Bragging rights, you know.)

photoAfter a day and a half of play…

With spring break officially beginning today, I enjoyed a night of nail polish and basketball with Savanna.

We spent hours testing different nail art ideas and even creating our own colors. I came up with an idea for Easter. It needs a little work, but the concept is definitely there.


Looks kinda like an Easter egg…right? 

We had plenty of spring pinks, purples and greens, but decided we needed a nice and light turquoise. Savanna had recently bought China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise, but we wanted something a little more turned down. So with a little mixology, we ended up with a color I was pretty pleased with.

image_2A mixture of the light pink from OPI’s ballet collection, China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise and Essie’s Navigate Her. 

We must have worn ourselves out though, because in the end we both stuck with basic, but bright nails. A reflection of the relaxation and fun we plan on having over the next week.

photo-1I went with the Turned Up Turquoise. It’s got a matte finish without a top coat. 

Due to the upcoming week being spring break, there will be less blogging, but I’ll be back and at it to start the month of April.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and week, and that your brackets remain unbusted.

Spring Fever

It’s almost spring and you can tell. The trees are in bloom and it’s cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon.

It was a beautiful, almost-spring weekend in Tuscaloosa. I spent a great deal of it at the ballpark, covering the Alabama-Tennessee baseball series for the The Daily Times in Maryville. It’s been so long since I covered an event, and I forgot just how much I loved it.


The Easter candy consumption was in full force this weekend. Thanks to Savanna for bringing a load of goodies. These bunny gummies might be my new favorite.


I’ve been reading up on ways to speed up the drying process for nails. I came across the idea that you could put your hand into a bowl of ice water and it would set it immediately. Maybe I did it wrong, but it definitely did not work for me.


A cool Sunday afternoon at The Joe.


Spring is just around the corner. The blooms look so pretty.


Tara is off in Spain for two weeks for school. Have to keep up with her somehow while she’s away.

March Merriment

Sorry I missed Wednesday, it was a crazy day of wedding dress alterations and ordering bridesmaid dresses for my friend, Katelin’s, wedding. By the time I got home, I needed a nice long nap.

But I’m back! And so ready for the weekend. I don’t know about y’all, but this has felt like one of the longest weeks ever.

It’s a new month, and I’m so excited about it. Why, you may be asking? Well…

March Madness. Whether you follow basketball religiously or pick a team based on it’s mascot, March Madness appeals to almost everyone I know. I love filling out a bracket and keeping up with my wins and losses. I’ll be in a few bracket pools and will be happy to share them with you guys.

The Time Change. The days have been getting longer ever so slowly, and the 7 p.m. sunsets are almost here. I love when the sun stays out so long. Even if you don’t spend the whole time outside, just being able to see the sun is pleasant.

Warmer Weather. This weekend is supposed to bring 70 degree temps back to Tuscaloosa. It’s going to be warm and sunny and I plan on taking advantage of it.

Spring Break. Later in the month, the university and public schools will be enjoying a week off. While there are no big plans made currently, just knowing everyone has time to relax and enjoy the week is exciting.

Press Boxes. I get to head back into the press box for the Alabama-Tennessee series. I’ll be covering it for the Maryville, Tenn. paper, The Daily Times. It’s been far too long and I can’t wait to get back in it.

Easter. While I used to love getting an Easter dress every year, it doesn’t happen anymore. Easter isn’t as big a deal for my family since we’ve grown up, but the candy is still just as good. I love early-year holidays because they are centered around candy. Peeps are a must and Sweet Tart’s Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies are also a good get. And the Cadbury Eggs, of course.

Dying Eggs. It goes along with Easter and all of its festivities, but I love dying eggs. A house filled with a vinegar aroma reminds me of many Easters with my family. And the dying packs have gotten much more creative since my earlier days, but I still enjoy the crayon that allows you to write on the eggs.

Pastel Colors. While I love the rich colors that come with fall and winter, change is good. And pastels are good. I love using pastels in my wardrobe, nails, or anywhere I can fit it in.

March is bringing a lot to the table, and I’m sure there will be even more unplanned excitement. Here’s hoping March brings plenty of sunshine and happiness to everyone. Happy weekend!