In the Now

What I’m Watching: “General Hospital”
Yes, it’s true. And you can judge me all you want. There was one summer in middle school when I became obsessively attached to General Hospital for one particular storyline. It involved a woman, Carly, being kidnapped while pregnant by her husband’s half brother who wanted to take her baby. Soap opera gold.

Once the storyline was over, I was finished too. But, with daytime television lacking, I’ve started watching “General Hospital” again. It’s different, but also the same. Luckily, I’m not attached to it like I was. I just watched until 2:00 comes and I can turn on “Friends.”

What I’m Reading: “Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins


I remembered “Catching Fire” to be kind of slow with not much action. I was wrong. There’s so much I have forgotten from the second book that it’s almost like reading it for the first time. Rereading these books was a great decision. And the stills leaking out for this movie are so amazing. The costume designers deserve many awards.

What I’m Listening To: John Mayer
Ever since the concert last Thursday, I’ve been listening to old school John Mayer. He didn’t play as many old songs as I wanted, so I’ve been listening to “Room for Squares” and “Continuum” a lot the past week.

What Color I’m Painting My Nails: Fast Track by China Glaze
This is my go-to color. And it also happens to be from “The Hunger Games” collection from a few years ago. It is a more modern take on a neutral, adding just a touch of sparkle. It’s also fast drying. Something that I’ve learned is a must for me.

What Image I Love: Hurricane in Saturn



The images released Sunday from NASA are incredible and beautiful. The vivid colors and the eye of the hurricane is mesmerizing. You can check out more images released from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft can be found here.


Almost Summertime

Despite the rain on Sunday and half of Saturday, it was a fun weekend. Saturday afternoon was spent celebrating Jackson’s 6th birthday. I’ve been keeping him since he was six months old, and I cannot believe how big he is. He’s still as sweet as he was on his first day at preschool. Summer is getting closer for everyone. All of my friends are finishing up with finals this week. (Good luck to all you guys!) And soon everyone’s schedules will be much free-er and we can all hang out with no impending tests or homework looming. Summer is the greatest.

image copy

Cheddar’s opened in Tuscaloosa last week. The homemade onion rings were demolished almost instantly. 

image_1 copy

I finally got to go into the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater for a concert last week. John Mayer kicked off his Born and Raised tour on Thursday. Even with a few classics missing from the setlist, it was a blast. 


Wedding festivities are really picking up for John and Katelin’s wedding. We’re just a few months away! 


Cooper has really been enjoying the windows-up weather.


On Sunday, I took Jackson and his cousin, Anna, to see “The Croods.” Despite the slow start, I thought it was a very cute, very colorful movie. 


Days go by on the calendar with little thought to them generally. We cross them off our monthly calendars. We rip them off our daily calendars. But sometimes dates become more than a day. They become moments. Moments that linger with you forever.

There was 9/11. Many things are still discussed as “pre-9/11” or “post-9/11.” With each phrase comes the understanding that things changed after that day.

Which brings us to today. To many in the nation, 4/27 is just another April day. To those in the Southeast, and those that I specifically think of in Tuscaloosa, it was a day that changed our lives.

It’s difficult to write about such things with the terror that plagued Boston so recently. It’s different when someone chooses to evoke fear from you rather than be the unlucky target of nature. I get that. But alas, it’s the two year anniversary, and I would be remiss not to remember this day. It is my hope that sincerity is not mistaken for something else.

Things have changed in Tuscaloosa since that day. While we knew it would never be the same, the thought never completely wrapped around my head. At the time, Tuscaloosa was strewn about. Places I had frequented for 10 years were flattened and unrecognizable. Twelve percent of the city was destroyed. Forty-three lives.

Seven hundred and thirty days have passed. Tuscaloosa is different now. 15th Street is still much darker at night than it was. Grass grows in many areas where homes once stood.

While the physical makeup of the city has changed, the core of Tuscaloosa has also. We became a community of resolve and hope. One that refuses to bend. Houses have been rebuilt. Stores have reopened. And the heart of Tuscaloosa continues to beat. Stronger than ever before.

In the Now

What I’m Watching: Braves baseball
As I’ve mentioned before, my family is an extremely avid supporter of the Atlanta Braves. Every night the Braves are playing, we’re watching. Yesterday was especially fun with the doubleheader. And it was even better after they won both. Once the summertime gets here, my family will make its way over to the ATL to take in a game or two.

What I’m Reading: “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins
After seeing the trailer for “Catching Fire,” I realized I didn’t remember much about the second and third books due to flying through them the first time. So, I resolved to re-read the trilogy. I’m loving it just as much the second time around.


But, I realized I made a faux pas in my reading schedule. I will definitely be seeing “The Great Gatsby,” when it comes out, but  I haven’t read it since 11th grade. So, another book I need to re-read. But it comes out in May, whereas “Catching Fire” comes out in November. Guess I’ll sneak in “The Great Gatsby” first. (Also, if you haven’t seen any trailers for “The Great Gatsby, check one out here. Trailer #2 is my favorite.)

What I’m Listening To: The Band Perry’s “Pioneer”
The band doesn’t stray far from its roots in its sophomore album, but add a little kick of rock to it. They’ve hit home runs with their first two singles, “Better Dig Two” and “Done.” So I can’t wait to figure out what others I’m going to have on repeat.

What Color I’m Painting My Nails: pink on pink
I’m still sticking to the new color, Pink Blink, but created a half moon at the top of my nail with an old O.P.I. color called La Paz-itively Hot.


What Image I Love: Moment of Silence

bmarathonParticipants in the London Marathon stop for a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing before beginning the race. (Photo by Luke Macgregor, Reuters)

A Day

This weekend brought a glimpse of Saturdays in the fall. The football team held its spring scrimmage game on Saturday, bringing thousands of people into Tuscaloosa. While the masses enjoy getting a free glimpse into the 2013 squad, there was much more going on in the sports world. The softball team swept Mississippi State and the baseball team put up a brutal fight against LSU both Saturday and Sunday, losing in 16 innings Saturday and winning Sunday in the 10th inning. The men’s and women’s golf teams each won their respective SEC championship, bringing home even more hardware for an ever expanding case.

With friends in town for the scrimmage, it also gave me the opportunity to enjoy lots of good food and quality time with friends I don’t see very often. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and pleasant. And the same weather promises to return this week. Spring might actually be here now! Have a fabulous weekend!


I used Savanna’s new Butter London polish, Jasper, and my new Sally Hansen, Pink Blink, to do a little nail art. See? Spring!


Late night gelato with a complimentary cup.

image_2Cooper enjoys all the sun and fresh air he gets with the windows open now.

TanlgedABC Family aired “Tangled” Sunday afternoon. One of my favorite newer Disney movies.

powerrangersSometimes you find a childhood classic on Netflix and watch it with your friends. It’s morphin’ time! (Maybe this helped in nurturing the love for dinosaurs.)


I’m one of those people who copes with tragedies by soaking up as much information as I possibly can until it becomes too much. With that being said, it seems unnatural to create a post as if nothing has happened.

I don’t have a poetic story or essay to share about Boston. I’m just incredibly sad. For the city of Boston. For the marathoners. For their supporters. For our country.

We come together once again to mourn and question why another senseless attack has left a wake of emptiness inside many.

And while it’s easy to join together in the coming days, weeks and months, it inevitably fades away until we are outraged by another tragedy.

As we celebrate the selflessness and heroic efforts of the first responders, volunteers, runners and bystanders that headed into the smoke to help those in need, I can only hope I remember this time. It is easy to come together in the onset of such situations, but it is continuing that feeling of fervor for our fellow citizens that is the challenge. Maintaining this generosity and care for our country will make us not look stronger, but become stronger.

President Obama said, “Today there are no Republicans or Democrats, there are just Americans united in concern for our fellow citizens.”

Shouldn’t that be the case everyday?

Weekend of Celebration

It was an exciting weekend filled with anticipation and celebration for many of my friends. On Friday we celebrated Tara and Kent’s engagement. It was so adult-like and fancy. It was so fascinating to look around the table and see myself and my friends from middle school as 20-somethings with degrees, weddings being planned and babies on the way.The weekend ended with a late night trip to IHOP to celebrate Isaac’s start as the weekend meteorologist for the local station, WVUA. After years of weather texts and storm tracking, it’s so fun to see Isaac’s dreams come to fruition. If being an adult involves this kind of excitement, I think I could be ok with it.


The invitation for the fancy, adult dinner party.


Thanks to a BOGO coupon, I got both of these Sally Hansen nail polishes for just over $4. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. The brush shape paired with the insta-dri formula is perfect for a quick polish change.

imageMy Saturday evening consisted of pushing CB in her new swing and watching “Toy Story 2” with big brother Jackson.


About a week and a half ago, Savanna and her boyfriend got accepted into a program that is taking them to South Africa this summer for six weeks to work with the program, Living Hope. They’ve created a campaign on indiegogo to help fund their trip. The site has an explainer and a video to give you more information on what their trip is about. Click here to learn more. (Added incentive: there are prizes given out for donations.)


Last night delivered the highly anticipated trailer for the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, “Catching Fire.” It did not disappoint, and now I’m inspired to reread the books. ICYMI: here’s the trailer.