South goes North

Well hey there, blogging world. It’s nice to check in and see you after a brief, scratch that, long, hiatus.

I got an email not too long ago that the blog had a new follower. A little bit of time has passed since I last blogged, but there is no shortage of events happening during that time.

I cannot even stress to you guys how much has changed since I last wrote to you about Devious Maids. (I didn’t even finish the season.)

A few weeks after that post the first girl from my group of friends got married. It was fabulous and sweet and I barely shed any tears the whole day, which was a shocking, but welcome change.

The day before her wedding I got my first full-time job out of college as the lifestyles reporter for the Starkville Daily News. It was a whirlwind finding an apartment, moving and starting all within about two weeks.

I’m not going to lie, I hated moving away from Tuscaloosa. I came home every weekend I could. I cried. A lot. But I had a great friend going to graduate school at Mississippi State University and it made things so much better than they could have been.

Work was challenging, but looking back it was such a blessing. I gained real world experience, had some great co-workers, and feel like I really grew as a writer. (That’s what my editor said as well, so I’m hoping that means its legit.)

The most exciting thing that happened last year was probably mine and Brett’s engagement. On an away-game weekend Brett created an elaborate scheme that ended with me on the Alabama campus at 1 a.m. It was perfect and sweet and I’ll never forget it.

Fast forward three months later and I’m standing at the altar in the Cypress Inn Pavilion exchanging vows with him. Brett graduated in December and got a job in Glens Falls, New York. Yep. New York.

He started before the wedding, but was able to come back down to (obviously) participate in said ceremony. He had a kind-of major role so we’re still very thankful there were no crazy Nor’easters that kept him from getting to Alabama.

The day after the wedding we began the 18-hour, one time change journey to the Empire State. Since getting here, we’ve explored the capital, Albany, snow tubed, gotten snowed in (that’s a first for us) and become accustomed to negative temperatures. All things I can confidently say I never expected to do in a non-vacation situation.

Journalism jobs are tough to find around the nation, and are even more difficult in a smaller town when your husband (still weird to say) is also a journalist. So, I’m currently taking up one of my favorite things to do, nanny, to help out with the finances until something comes along. Or until I find it.

I’m nannying two elementary and pre-K aged girls. They’re sweet and cute, and don’t know what word “ma’am” is. But that’s another story.

So there’s a sort-of brief on my life and where I’ve been for the past nine months. I’m not going to promise y’all crazy incredible content, or even continuous content for that matter, but I am going to try to write a bit more.

It’s been about four months since I wrote my last story for the Starkville Daily News, and I the itch is coming back to write. So here I am. Where you fine people happily listen to me ramble on and on about my life.

Thanks for sticking around guys. I’m sure I’ll have a great “Southerner in the North” story for you soon.

Forever Southern,


PS – I’ve got quite a few pictures on my Instagram of the adventures we’ve had since leaving Tuscaloosa. You guys are welcome to check them out here.