In the Now

What I’m Watching: “General Hospital”
Yes, it’s true. And you can judge me all you want. There was one summer in middle school when I became obsessively attached to General Hospital for one particular storyline. It involved a woman, Carly, being kidnapped while pregnant by her husband’s half brother who wanted to take her baby. Soap opera gold.

Once the storyline was over, I was finished too. But, with daytime television lacking, I’ve started watching “General Hospital” again. It’s different, but also the same. Luckily, I’m not attached to it like I was. I just watched until 2:00 comes and I can turn on “Friends.”

What I’m Reading: “Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins


I remembered “Catching Fire” to be kind of slow with not much action. I was wrong. There’s so much I have forgotten from the second book that it’s almost like reading it for the first time. Rereading these books was a great decision. And the stills leaking out for this movie are so amazing. The costume designers deserve many awards.

What I’m Listening To: John Mayer
Ever since the concert last Thursday, I’ve been listening to old school John Mayer. He didn’t play as many old songs as I wanted, so I’ve been listening to “Room for Squares” and “Continuum” a lot the past week.

What Color I’m Painting My Nails: Fast Track by China Glaze
This is my go-to color. And it also happens to be from “The Hunger Games” collection from a few years ago. It is a more modern take on a neutral, adding just a touch of sparkle. It’s also fast drying. Something that I’ve learned is a must for me.

What Image I Love: Hurricane in Saturn



The images released Sunday from NASA are incredible and beautiful. The vivid colors and the eye of the hurricane is mesmerizing. You can check out more images released from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft can be found here.

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