I’m really dropping the ball with the blogging lately, as my mom so gently informed me. Sorry guys! It’s been pretty busy. Softball games and babysitting, but I like it that way. My sister graduated from high school earlier in the week, and it has made me incredibly nostalgic while making me feel incredibly old.

The devastation in Moore, Okla. left me just as heartbroken as it did the rest of the country. It was painful to watch, understanding some of the pain that community feels after such a disaster. I still have the occasional tornado dream even two years later, and they have been brought back this week. My thoughts and prayers are with them during this time. You can prevail. You will prevail.

My wonderful friend, and former professor, who experienced a more first-hand experience with the tornado, wrote an op-ed piece for the city. It was originally in the Christian Science Monitor, but has been picked up by other online news outlets. (Meredith, if you’re reading this, I think this comes 360 degrees, and you should restart the Upbeat blog. 🙂 )

Things will be slowing down very quickly though. The last day of school is tomorrow, then it’s summer! I leave for the beach next Wednesday and won’t be back for 10 days. I love the beach, but I feel confident there will be more sand in my bed than on the beach when it’s all said and done. Until again, happy almost summer!



Last week, Chipotle opened a new location on The Strip. Thanks to awesome friends Savanna and Caleb, Tara and I quickly headed there to get free Chipotle!




Tara officially asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. We’re just a little over a year away from the wedding, which leaves plenty of time for planning and fun! 



After covering high school softball the weekend before last, I got the pleasure of covering the NCAA softball regional in Tuscaloosa. After covering Alabama all season long in 2012, it was so fun to be back in my home away from home, even if it was for another school. 



Baby sister’s high school graduation. It was perfect weather, which is all you can ask for in late May in Alabama. 



Cooper is a sweet kitten that loves him some naps. I don’t know what I’m going to do to be away from him for 10 days. My family might want to kill him while cat-sitting. 


Busy, busy

Hi all! I am so incredibly sorry that it has been so long since I blogged. It’s felt weird, but I have been so busy.

Last week I spent many, many hours at Sokol Park in Tuscaloosa. For the first time, Tuscaloosa hosted an AHSAA Softball Regional. Seventy-eight games were played in roughly 48 hours. A four-hour rain delay on Friday made it a difficult day for all teams involved. Some teams didn’t get to start their second game of the day until 11 p.m. and the biggest schools in the state, the 6As, had to wait until 7 a.m. on Saturday.

After the tournament, I attended a couples shower that a bunch of friends hosted for John and Katelin. The countdown is quickly dropping and July will be here soon!

By Sunday, I was exhausted. The severe temperature change that happened on Friday and Saturday confused my allergies and left me sickly. I’ve been sleeping most of days away, just trying to get back up to 100 percent. Despite the sickliness, the busy days are pleasant. I especially enjoy getting the chance to report.

Tuscaloosa hosts another regional this weekend, but for NCAA softball. And again, I get to cover South Carolina Upstate for the Spartanburg Herald Journal. They kick off the regional at 3:30 p.m. After spending so many hours in the press box at Rhoads Stadium last season, I cannot wait to be back there this weekend.

I apologize for the absence, but I hope you’re all getting to do what you love!

Chilly May

This past week and weekend was incredibly busy for me. But not without some fun. A group of friends went to see “Iron Man 3.” And as someone who has seen neither of the first two Iron Mans, I was surprised by the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to watching the two precious ones.

The weather has taken a turn here, with it being a balmy chilly May. We’ve been holding near the 50s lately and it’s extremely unpleasant for someone (me) who is expecting it to be in the 80s.

Here’s to the hope for warmer weather this week!

After my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day present arrived we just couldn’t wait to give it to her. Unfortunately, her Scentsy is only making us hungry thanks to the French toast scent wafting through our house.

20130506-133719.jpg The Tuscaloosa News prints its paper in its building. It’s an enchanting thing to watch it print.

20130506-134049.jpg Cooper finds enjoyment in any box. Even if it happens to be too small.

20130506-134303.jpg As an end-of-the-semester treat, I took Brett to the batting cages. While he worked with the fast balls I pretended to be back in church league softball.

20130506-134818.jpg Just some picture evidence from this weather. It’s out of control.

In the Now

What I’m Watching: “General Hospital”
Yes, it’s true. And you can judge me all you want. There was one summer in middle school when I became obsessively attached to General Hospital for one particular storyline. It involved a woman, Carly, being kidnapped while pregnant by her husband’s half brother who wanted to take her baby. Soap opera gold.

Once the storyline was over, I was finished too. But, with daytime television lacking, I’ve started watching “General Hospital” again. It’s different, but also the same. Luckily, I’m not attached to it like I was. I just watched until 2:00 comes and I can turn on “Friends.”

What I’m Reading: “Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins


I remembered “Catching Fire” to be kind of slow with not much action. I was wrong. There’s so much I have forgotten from the second book that it’s almost like reading it for the first time. Rereading these books was a great decision. And the stills leaking out for this movie are so amazing. The costume designers deserve many awards.

What I’m Listening To: John Mayer
Ever since the concert last Thursday, I’ve been listening to old school John Mayer. He didn’t play as many old songs as I wanted, so I’ve been listening to “Room for Squares” and “Continuum” a lot the past week.

What Color I’m Painting My Nails: Fast Track by China Glaze
This is my go-to color. And it also happens to be from “The Hunger Games” collection from a few years ago. It is a more modern take on a neutral, adding just a touch of sparkle. It’s also fast drying. Something that I’ve learned is a must for me.

What Image I Love: Hurricane in Saturn



The images released Sunday from NASA are incredible and beautiful. The vivid colors and the eye of the hurricane is mesmerizing. You can check out more images released from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft can be found here.