Almost Summertime

Despite the rain on Sunday and half of Saturday, it was a fun weekend. Saturday afternoon was spent celebrating Jackson’s 6th birthday. I’ve been keeping him since he was six months old, and I cannot believe how big he is. He’s still as sweet as he was on his first day at preschool. Summer is getting closer for everyone. All of my friends are finishing up with finals this week. (Good luck to all you guys!) And soon everyone’s schedules will be much free-er and we can all hang out with no impending tests or homework looming. Summer is the greatest.

image copy

Cheddar’s opened in Tuscaloosa last week. The homemade onion rings were demolished almost instantly. 

image_1 copy

I finally got to go into the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater for a concert last week. John Mayer kicked off his Born and Raised tour on Thursday. Even with a few classics missing from the setlist, it was a blast. 


Wedding festivities are really picking up for John and Katelin’s wedding. We’re just a few months away! 


Cooper has really been enjoying the windows-up weather.


On Sunday, I took Jackson and his cousin, Anna, to see “The Croods.” Despite the slow start, I thought it was a very cute, very colorful movie. 

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