Weekend of Celebration

It was an exciting weekend filled with anticipation and celebration for many of my friends. On Friday we celebrated Tara and Kent’s engagement. It was so adult-like and fancy. It was so fascinating to look around the table and see myself and my friends from middle school as 20-somethings with degrees, weddings being planned and babies on the way.The weekend ended with a late night trip to IHOP to celebrate Isaac’s start as the weekend meteorologist for the local station, WVUA. After years of weather texts and storm tracking, it’s so fun to see Isaac’s dreams come to fruition. If being an adult involves this kind of excitement, I think I could be ok with it.


The invitation for the fancy, adult dinner party.


Thanks to a BOGO coupon, I got both of these Sally Hansen nail polishes for just over $4. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. The brush shape paired with the insta-dri formula is perfect for a quick polish change.

imageMy Saturday evening consisted of pushing CB in her new swing and watching “Toy Story 2” with big brother Jackson.


About a week and a half ago, Savanna and her boyfriend got accepted into a program that is taking them to South Africa this summer for six weeks to work with the program, Living Hope. They’ve created a campaign on indiegogo to help fund their trip. The site has an explainer and a video to give you more information on what their trip is about. Click here to learn more. (Added incentive: there are prizes given out for donations.)


Last night delivered the highly anticipated trailer for the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, “Catching Fire.” It did not disappoint, and now I’m inspired to reread the books. ICYMI: here’s the trailer.

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