River Rats

It was a beautiful weekend, perfect for a trip to the river. Lounging around and just being river rats was the best. And despite having to leave early and come back to Tuscaloosa, it continued to be an enjoyable weekend. I spent time with friends and had some family show up unexpectedly. It made for another good weekend and left me ready for the week.



As most of us prepare to watch Michigan and Louisville in the championship game tonight, my bracket will be thrilled when it’s over. As you can see, it was rough goings this year. 



With the weather continuing to get consistently warmer, the flowers continue to bloom. I love the bright pink azalea bushes blossoming in the front yard. 


My first time to see jugging. An explanation coming later. 


Friday night sunset on the Sipsey River.


I’ve been keeping Jackson since he was six months old, and now he’s going to be six. I really can’t believe how big he is, but he is such a sweet little boy and I can’t wait to celebrate. 

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