Back from the break

After a wonderful, relaxing spring break, I’m back! It was the best week. I spent the majority of it in Gulf Shores, Ala. Although it was too cold to go to the beach for most of the week, it was a pleasant getaway from Tuscaloosa. Brett is from Gulf Shores, so we spent the week at his home visiting with his parents and some friends who were also down for the break.

I spent the weekend with friends and family, making the most of the last few days. We celebrated our favorite meteorologist’s birthday Saturday night and spent Easter with my extended family. (Both of those activities involved me eating way more than I should have.)

While the week was perfect, I’m happy to be back and ready to get into a routine. Happy Monday, everybody!



The temperature never affects the magnificence of the beach.


We spent an afternoon at The Little Zoo That Could. The different big cats they had were great.


The Spanish Moss trees line Government Street in Mobile, Alabama makes for one of the most scenic drives.


The go-karts are a must on every beach trip. I’m quite the champion.



Fried mushrooms from Bahama Bob’s. They’re a weakness.

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