Nail Polish and the Roundball

The first second round of March Madness is marked to be one of the most exciting days in sports. And yesterday lived up to that.

Between the last-second misses by St. Mary’s, the crazy comeback by Marquette, and the almost, but wasn’t from Southern University, it was a fun day.

My bracket didn’t necessarily bust, it actually held up better yesterday than it is currently fairing today. The one I showed y’all is currently doing a little bit better than the electronic one I filled out for a pool on ESPN. (The one that really counts. Bragging rights, you know.)

photoAfter a day and a half of play…

With spring break officially beginning today, I enjoyed a night of nail polish and basketball with Savanna.

We spent hours testing different nail art ideas and even creating our own colors. I came up with an idea for Easter. It needs a little work, but the concept is definitely there.


Looks kinda like an Easter egg…right? 

We had plenty of spring pinks, purples and greens, but decided we needed a nice and light turquoise. Savanna had recently bought China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise, but we wanted something a little more turned down. So with a little mixology, we ended up with a color I was pretty pleased with.

image_2A mixture of the light pink from OPI’s ballet collection, China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise and Essie’s Navigate Her. 

We must have worn ourselves out though, because in the end we both stuck with basic, but bright nails. A reflection of the relaxation and fun we plan on having over the next week.

photo-1I went with the Turned Up Turquoise. It’s got a matte finish without a top coat. 

Due to the upcoming week being spring break, there will be less blogging, but I’ll be back and at it to start the month of April.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and week, and that your brackets remain unbusted.

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