Let The Madness Begin

We are just a few hours away from nonstop basketball, ie. March Madness. I understand that there were two play in games last night and two more tonight, but I refuse to call those “Round 1.”

My bracket for the Southeastern Conference tournament got hammered, so hopefully I’ll be a little more accurate in this tournament.

Last year was basically a debacle for my bracket. If I remember correctly I had only one Final Four team correct, and my Elite Eight was even worse. So this is my comeback year.

I’ve got multiple brackets for multiple pools, but somehow my championship game remained the same in all of them.

I’m big on the Cards this year. But, for there to have been so much turmoil on who the No. 1 seeds were going to be, I feel the four (Louisville, Gonzaga, Kansas and Indiana) are a pretty strong bunch. They’ve not as dominant as Kentucky was last year, but I think they can hold their own.

Regardless, anything can happen, and I’m kind of hoping it does. (Not for my bracket’s sake though. That would be a disaster.)

So happy tourney time to you guys! And may the upsets be ever in your favor.

photo-1My printable bracket. As convenient as online brackets are, there’s nothing like keeping up with one in your hands.

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