Nail Polish and the Roundball

The first second round of March Madness is marked to be one of the most exciting days in sports. And yesterday lived up to that.

Between the last-second misses by St. Mary’s, the crazy comeback by Marquette, and the almost, but wasn’t from Southern University, it was a fun day.

My bracket didn’t necessarily bust, it actually held up better yesterday than it is currently fairing today. The one I showed y’all is currently doing a little bit better than the electronic one I filled out for a pool on ESPN. (The one that really counts. Bragging rights, you know.)

photoAfter a day and a half of play…

With spring break officially beginning today, I enjoyed a night of nail polish and basketball with Savanna.

We spent hours testing different nail art ideas and even creating our own colors. I came up with an idea for Easter. It needs a little work, but the concept is definitely there.


Looks kinda like an Easter egg…right? 

We had plenty of spring pinks, purples and greens, but decided we needed a nice and light turquoise. Savanna had recently bought China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise, but we wanted something a little more turned down. So with a little mixology, we ended up with a color I was pretty pleased with.

image_2A mixture of the light pink from OPI’s ballet collection, China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise and Essie’s Navigate Her. 

We must have worn ourselves out though, because in the end we both stuck with basic, but bright nails. A reflection of the relaxation and fun we plan on having over the next week.

photo-1I went with the Turned Up Turquoise. It’s got a matte finish without a top coat. 

Due to the upcoming week being spring break, there will be less blogging, but I’ll be back and at it to start the month of April.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and week, and that your brackets remain unbusted.


Let The Madness Begin

We are just a few hours away from nonstop basketball, ie. March Madness. I understand that there were two play in games last night and two more tonight, but I refuse to call those “Round 1.”

My bracket for the Southeastern Conference tournament got hammered, so hopefully I’ll be a little more accurate in this tournament.

Last year was basically a debacle for my bracket. If I remember correctly I had only one Final Four team correct, and my Elite Eight was even worse. So this is my comeback year.

I’ve got multiple brackets for multiple pools, but somehow my championship game remained the same in all of them.

I’m big on the Cards this year. But, for there to have been so much turmoil on who the No. 1 seeds were going to be, I feel the four (Louisville, Gonzaga, Kansas and Indiana) are a pretty strong bunch. They’ve not as dominant as Kentucky was last year, but I think they can hold their own.

Regardless, anything can happen, and I’m kind of hoping it does. (Not for my bracket’s sake though. That would be a disaster.)

So happy tourney time to you guys! And may the upsets be ever in your favor.

photo-1My printable bracket. As convenient as online brackets are, there’s nothing like keeping up with one in your hands.

Spring Fever

It’s almost spring and you can tell. The trees are in bloom and it’s cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon.

It was a beautiful, almost-spring weekend in Tuscaloosa. I spent a great deal of it at the ballpark, covering the Alabama-Tennessee baseball series for the The Daily Times in Maryville. It’s been so long since I covered an event, and I forgot just how much I loved it.


The Easter candy consumption was in full force this weekend. Thanks to Savanna for bringing a load of goodies. These bunny gummies might be my new favorite.


I’ve been reading up on ways to speed up the drying process for nails. I came across the idea that you could put your hand into a bowl of ice water and it would set it immediately. Maybe I did it wrong, but it definitely did not work for me.


A cool Sunday afternoon at The Joe.


Spring is just around the corner. The blooms look so pretty.


Tara is off in Spain for two weeks for school. Have to keep up with her somehow while she’s away.

Diamond Days

It’s been a warm and sunny week in Tuscaloosa, and the weekend is just as promising. We’re currently transitioning from the gridiron to the diamond. I’ll be spending my weekend covering the Alabama-Tennessee baseball series.

I’m so excited to be covering sports again, even if just for the weekend. Between the baseball and warm weather, it’s going to be a wonderful weekend.

BRACKET UPDATE: Things were looking good at first. I had only missed the Mississippi State game. But then Arkansas lost to Vandy last night and now there are quite a few red lines.

Luckily this is just a warm up for the NCAA tournament.

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!

Basketball Mania-SEC Tournament

It’s about that time of the year where you can find basketball on television all day. It’s a glorious time for those who love basketball. (Yes, that includes me.)

The Southeastern Conference has seen better days in terms of basketball seasons. There seemed to be only one sure team heading to The Dance, Florida. But they got beat by not-so-powerful Kentucky recently.

Jerry Palm of CBS Sports currently has Tennessee and Kentucky in the last four in. While Alabama and Ole Miss are the last four out.

Due to the lack of dominance in the SEC, it leaves the tournament wide open. It’s going to be a very interesting few days.

Here’s how my bracket looks:

As obvious as Florida seems to be as SEC champion, I just don’t see them losing. But, that’s the joy of it all, anything can happen.

Here’s to basketball mania.

(Also, if you would like to print your own SEC bracket, here’s the link.)

(Also x2, if you would like to follow me on Twitter, my handle is @Morgan_U)

Sunny Days

The weather this weekend did not disappoint. Mid 70s and sunny, it was perfection. But it’s Alabama, and today it’s raining and in the 50s. But, it’s the best nap weather you could ask for. Which is a good thing since it’s National Nap Day.


Saturday afternoon roller blading session with Tara.




We normally stop off at a store on our route that offers Coke Icees, but they were closed. Glass bottled Coke was a great alternative though.


Strawberry cake with chocolate icing. A nice end-of-the-weekend treat.

And it was definitely March Madness in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. Alabama’s Trevor Releford hit a half court buzzer beater to give Bama the win over Georgia. Below is the video and call from Chris Stewart of Crimson Tide Sports Network.