Warmer Weather Thoughts: Xtreme WaterParks

I’m a big fan of warm weather, something that hasn’t been seen around here in a while. I love summertime and all of the outdoor activities that come with it. But here in the South, that warm weather can become unbearably hot weather really fast.

One of my favorite beat-the-heat activities is going to water parks. Water slides of any kind, extreme or not, always make me happy and keep me cool. I imagine my love for water slides comes from my earlier days when the Slip’n Slide became a staple to my summers.

To my enjoyment, the University of Alabama Rec Center built a water slide in 2003. The past few summers my friends and I have spent hours at the Rec pool, mostly going down the slide and riding the lazy river.

The Travel Channel featured a water park marathon earlier in the week, Xtreme Waterparks, and now I’m anticipating summer and warmer weather. Much to my surprise, I learned that Europe, especially Germany houses many of the world’s best water parks.

Even more to my surprise was learning of this thing called “speed sliding,” also known as speed chuting. It is a real thing in Germany, and its biggest star, Jens Scherer, was featured on one of the Travel Channel’s water slide episode.

Scherer holds four Guinness Book of World Records for his sliding ability and is a champion speed slider. (It’s hard to find information on speed chuting, but as of 2009, Scherer was a seven-time champion.)

Here’s a glimpse into Scherer’s speed chuting life from a 2010 story in Outside magazine.

And here’s video proof from one of his Guinness Book attempts.

While I don’t see myself attempting speed chuting anytime soon, I do see a trip centered around water slides happening.

Hope you guys have a great end to the week!

PS- Here’s a 2 minute video collage of the most intense water slides featured on the Travel Channel’s Xtreme Waterparks.

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