Glitter and Dinos: Valentine’s 2013

It’s been an extremely slow first half of the week. Most of it has been spent indoors and under a blanket due to the cold and wet weather. I’ve been more than happy to have a slow week after the crazy weekend though.

I’m not a big Valentine’s Day celebrater, but I do love a nice card, lots of glitter and dinosaurs. So, when I found this card at, I knew immediately I had to make it.

Card stock
Glue Pen

I printed the image and traced it onto card stock. Once I did that, I outlined the dino with the glue pen and sprinkled glitter on it. (I work in sections with the glue pen because it dries fast otherwise.) Then, I began filling in the dinosaur.

That definitely took the longest. And it was the first time I filled in an image instead of leaving it outlined, so I feel confident there is a more efficient process.

I’ve been using generic glitter from Hobby Lobby recently, but the Martha Stewart glitter is highly recommended.

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of glitter, finish it with a spray to set the sparkles. I used Americana’s acrylic sealer.

And once that’s complete, you’re finished! There’s something about making a personalized, pretty card that makes me happy.

I was really pleased with this particular card. So much so I almost kept it for myself!


Hope everyone has a nice Valentine’s Day, or single’s awareness day. Regardless, the next day is Friday, and everybody can get behind that.

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