Mardi Gras

It was a long weekend in numerous ways; length and amount of hours awake. My weekend started Thursday afternoon and until Sunday night was full of Mardi Gras festivities. After getting in early, early morning Friday, we hit the ground running. It was a long weekend, but a fun one. It was only my second Mardi Gras, but it’s something I look very forward to. While I ate lots of wonderful seafood, my stomach thinks much faster than my head and I didn’t get to take a picture of the fried gouda grits (!!!) I had on Friday.

It’s rainy again in Tuscaloosa, so some happiness from lately to brighten things up:

imageChocolate chip waffles from Waffle House is never a bad decision for a late night dinner. (Notice a bite has already been taken.)


My diploma arrived in the mail last week, so it’s actually official. Weird.


No shortage of beads on the floats. Pre-madness.


The Crewe of Columbus’s theme for 2013 was By George. Each float had a different famous George on it, this one being Saint George, the dragon slayer.


The biggest and most exciting part of the weekend…one of my very best friend’s got engaged while I was gone! Congrats to Tara and Kent!

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