So, part two of championship weekend didn’t start out quite so champion-like. Upon arriving in Miami, a lot of minor things happened. First, we couldn’t check in for another hour. So we decide to go eat. We can’t find a single place nearby. We decide to drive to Bayside. That’s when one major thing happens. We get rear ended in what I can only imagine to be one of the worst parts of Miami.

After trying to wait on the police, it was time to go. To keep it simple: it just wasn’t the place to be. Allison, the driver and owner of the car, was a trooper. She handled things a lot better than I would have for sure.

We get back to the hotel and finally check in. The trunk can’t be opened without force. And, once we get it open, it won’t close. Welcome to Miami! We end up using string from our Nike tempos to keep it closed for the time being. Auto stores come few and far between in Miami. Take note. By the time we leave Miami on Tuesday, the trunk is closed thanks to some Nike tempo strings and an extension cord. Yep.

Notice the plugs hanging on the bottom.

Notice the plugs hanging on the bottom.

But, the real welcome to Miami came on Monday. After spending most of our day in Fan Zone, we finally made it into Sun Life Stadium. What happened after that is still surreal. It’s been four days since it all happened, and I’m still having a hard time working it all out.

I was nervous about the game, no denying that. But, all nervousness left after the first drive. The dominance the offense showed, everyone firing on all cylinders, really put me at ease. Eddie Lacy’s 20-yard touchdown run sealed it for me.



Halftime comes three scores later and we’re abuzz. We know this was over and after a few texts from friends with Brian Kelly’s now infamous halftime quote, we realized everyone knew it.

After letting up a bit in the second half, Notre Dame finally put points on the scoreboard. You would have thought they’d taken the lead with the reaction of the student section. It’s fun when you’re more upset about losing a shut out instead of losing the game.

One of my favorite moments of the game came in the fourth quarter when the student section broke out with “let Rudy play” chant. The student section’s ability to create chants never let’s me down.

The clock kept winding, and finally the first string offense came off the field. It’s always bittersweet-for me at least-knowing this is the last game for many of your favorites. Watching Barrett Jones jump up and down and pump up the crowd was something I’ll never forget.

Finally, there were four zeros on the clock and the new number was fifteen. Alabama had done it. Back to back championships. Watching coach Saban hold up the crystal ball never gets old.


I know this account is spotty and disconnected, but that’s really how I feel about the game. It was so dominant that it felt like a midseason non-conference game. It’s been four days and I’m still trying to slow everything down and comprehend what happened. Maybe it’ll all make sense on Jan. 19, when Alabama holds another national championship celebration.

No. 1 again

No. 1 again

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